Laboratory Equipments

Laboratory Equipments flat icons, free vector icons

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Vector illustration of laboratory equipments icons, round flat icons . These icons are customizable, so you can change colors, size or make some etidings. These icons are perfect for  educational applications and slides for prsentation.

The package contains the source files.

Laboratory Equipments.AI (Adobe Illustrator file)

Laboratory Equipments.EPS (Encapsulated PostScript file)

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics file)

Beaker icon.SVG Burner icon.SVG Computer icon.SVG Dropping bottle icon.SVG Drug icon.SVG Erlenmeyer flask icon.SVG Florence flask icon.SVG Glass dropper pipet icon.SVG Graduated cylinder icon.SVG Microscope icon.SVG Syringe icon.SVG Test tubes icon.SVG Test tubes racks icon.SVG

PNG image with transparent background.

Beaker icon.PNG Burner icon.PNG Computer icon.PNG Dropping bottle icon.PNG Drug icon.PNG Erlenmeyer flask icon.PNG Florence flask icon.PNG Glass dropper pipet icon.PNG Graduated cylinder icon.PNG Microscope icon.PNG Syringe icon.PNG Test tubes icon.PNG Test tubes racks icon.PNG

beaker icon, burner icon, computer icon, dropping bottle icon, drug icon, erlenmeyer flask icon, florence flask icon, glass dropper pipet icon, graduated cylinder icon, microscope icon, syringe icon, test tubes icon, test tubes racks icon

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